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Thanks to Rehabs in Las Vegas
I haven't touched drugs for nine months now.Thanks to Rehabs in Las Vegas, indeed an awesome place.
, Las Vegas Sep 3, 2011

Amazing Rehabs in Las Vegas
Rehabs in Las Vegas has a wonderful program for battling drug addidction. The program at Rehabs in Las Vegas worked for our son when other treatment centers had failed. He said that they really know how to confront his disease in a way that worked. The staff was really helpful and responsive. If your son or daugther needs help, you should send them to Rehabs in Las Vegas.
, Las Vegas Nov 12, 2011

Great Rehab Facility at Rehabs in Las Vegas
Rehabs in Las Vegas is an excellent and professional drug rehab facility. There staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Patients are treated with respect and not like addicts which is the perceived notion of what a drug rehab facility is.
, Las Vegas Nov 11, 2011

Awesome Rehabs in Las Vegas
It was a great place. They provided the help we needed, great location and extremely helpful in assisting us with placement! Thanks Rehabs in Las Vegas!
, Las Vegas Aug 18, 2011

Very Grateful to Rehabs in Las Vegas
Rehabs in Las Vegas helped me out during a tough time in my life. I am a artist that sold a few items and I got into some bad things. I thought I could control it but my life suffered because of it. I got my life on track again and I can now focus on what my life calling is. Thank you Rehabs in Las Vegas!
, Las Vegas Jan 1, 1970

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